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IndexBank Overview (Who We Are ) is Comprehensive Index Series Architect, Design, Publishing, Algorithm Monetization & Index Product Development & Application Evaluation Consultancy; We develop Index Series for various strategies formulations and support decisions in business, finance, investment, for stakeholders across domains. 

Our Index Series coverage:  Country Portfolio Index , Matrix System Competitiveness Index, Governance & Policy Strategist Index,  Business Strategy Index, Investment & Finance Index, Technology & Innovation, Sustainability Index, etc. 

IndexBank Founding Timeline  (When We Launch) 

IndexBank/GlobalIndex Solution Architect is initiated in 2022, and IndexBank Consulting Division is established in 2022/2023, and we launch the IndexBank Pilot Project Website ( in 2022/2023 and thereafter, to engage crucial stakeholders in IndexBank Solution Architect & Development,Project & Decision Flow, etc. 

IndexBank Vision & Mission ( Why We Commit ) 

IndexBank, affiliated to the Consortium, is born not for a Reason, but for a Cause. 

Vision: IndexBank is founded to be an influential Comprehensive Index Architect & Decision Engine in Macro,Meso,Micro level Strategy formulation, to support various Stakeholders’ mid/long-term Index-based Decisions in the domain of Strategy, Business, Finance, International Trade, Investment, Partnership, Country Market Portfolio as well as Risk Mitigation. 

Mission:IndexBank aims to provide comprehensive and systematic Index Architect and Strategist solutions including Index Inception & Design Methodologies, Index Knowledge Engine, Resources & Toolkits, Indicator Composites Base, and Index Applications & Evaluation, etc., customized for multiple Stakeholders Decision Scenario & Strategy Mandates;  

Infancy Period is not easy for Anyone, but we are not daunted by challenges, or give up easily. IndexBank looks forward to collaborating with strategic partners during this thrilling and rewarding journey. 

IndexBank Solution Architect ( What We offer) 

IndexBank Portal & Resources,Toolkits Solutions 

IndexBank Index Architect & Governance Solutions 

IndexBank Index Family (Macro/Meso/Micro) & Mass-customization,Exclusive Tailoring Solutions  

IndexBank Index Application, Evaluation & Optimization Solutions 

IndexBank Innovation Lab & Media Cluster Solutions 

IndexBank Arena & KPO Project Cloud Platform 

For further information, constructive suggestions, advice to IndexBank.onlineSolution Architect, please contact our Solution Team at 

IndexBank Stakeholders ( For Whom We Serve) 


Government Agencies & Multilateral Organizations, Academia & ThinkTanks, Professional Service Firms, Capital Market Exchange, Media,Data Vendors, ICT Solution providers, etc. 


Government Agencies,  Multi-sector Business Corporations, Asset Managers; Asset Owners; Capital Market Exchange & , VC/PE Funds ; etc. 


Strategic Investor 

Finance Investor 

Stakeholder Investor 

IndexBank Business Model & Value Propositions ( How We Approach) 


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IndexBank Advisors, is currently privately held, and still under seed and early stage, does not have assured, definite, concrete business plan to launch or gain major revenue streams in any politically unstable, corrupted, militarily or medically illegal or inhumane, or economically risky countries, nations ,regions of jurisdiction, where Founding Team or even Family Members’ Lives, Freedom, Human Rights, Mental & Physical Health, Security, and/or Legal Business & Assets are forced to face or suffer from deprival, damage or loss risks.

Regarding Potential Cyber Security Review:

The Cyber Security Review for “Critical Information Infrastructure Services” Providers last up to 45-60 days usually, as Precautionary Inspection, if any of IndexBank’s Pilot Website Services or Consulting Project Flow is suspended, investigated, or negatively influenced by “Cyber Security Inspection” or other Investigation initiated by Government Agencies locally or globally, with at least 60 day prior written notification to IndexBank’s Advisors Team, We would certainly keep our Global Crucial Stakeholders updated and informed, enclosed with alternative project communication methods for 60-day temporary transition period, in face of such unexpected business risks.